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Loudmouth Louis Michael on his love affair with writing ahead of a Catalyst Club appearance this Thursday

- March 20, 2017


Language is everywhere. It’s ubiquitous. It is one of the fundamental cornerstones of life as we know it, and it is near impossible to go even a single day without using it. But in our intimate familiarity with language we have forgotten how to appreciate it. Across the world we take for granted that which holds our world together. Isn’t it time to give language the long overdue appreciation it deserves?

This Thursday 23rd March at the Latest Music Bar’s Catalyst Club I’ll be discussing how language in its omnipresence, being nearly as old as humanity itself, cannot possibly be the one dimensional communication tool we all assume it is. Alongside any whose interest is sufficiently piqued I’ll be considering what other dimensions of influence it may have, and all the ways it subtly affects the everyday world around us.

From its birth on cave walls thousands of years ago to language as we know it today, I’ll be giving a brief outline of the entire history of the origins and development of language.

Alongside this I’ll be closely examining the three most recent literary eras in order to demonstrate the importance of literature in an increasingly digitised society and its relevance going forward.

I’ll be discussing how literature can be used as a key to a much deeper, more emotional record of our human history, how it explains the present better than any news channel could, and how integral it is to the directions we will take in the future.

And I’ll also be delving into an incredibly fascinating perspective on language as a means of mental manipulation; how we manipulate ourselves, how we manipulate others, and how we ourselves are manipulated.

The talk is fittingly titled ‘my love affair with writing’. Though I hope I am able to educate and spread new and interesting knowledge all I can promise with any certainty is my enthusiasm. I have a passion for the word in all its forms and I am so grateful to be given a platform to share that passion. So join me, and my brother and father who will also be giving speeches on the connection between near death experience and neuroscience and the politics of Cyprus respectively, this Thursday 23rd March at the Latest Music Bar’s Catalyst Club for what I hope will prove to be a night of inspiration and education.

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