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Latest TV: Current affairs on The Vote this week: Brighton taxis vs Uber

- March 20, 2017


John Streeter and Tony Turner

This coming week Frank le Duc from The Vote welcomes figures from the taxi trade in Brighton. John Streeter, the boss of Streamline Taxis and Tony Turner, the boss of Radio Cabs, two large taxi firms in the city who are concerned about the way Uber is operating their licence in the Brighton area by not solely using Brighton and Hove licensed drivers. The key concern is with Transport for London and drivers from other areas being allowed to pick up and drop off in the city despite not having to abide by the stringent rules that all Brighton licensed drivers do adhere to.

We also interview two London cabbies who sympathise with the challenges facing Brighton cab drivers as many London taxi drivers fear for their livelihoods as the app-based digital company are able to operate despite council rules and agreements.

As Streamline Taxis boss John Streeter says: it needs to be a level playing field

But this is not just a fight regarding traditional firms and a modern global alternative. All the city’s taxi firms have their own apps. The City Cabs app for example has a great new modern app. We believe the city’s residents need to support the Brighton taxi trade, with their enhanced safety standards and superior knowledge of the city. 

As John Streeter says about other operators like Uber in the city: “It needs to be a level playing field”.

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