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From the Editor: Tuesday 18th April

- April 18, 2017

Joe Fuller

Whilst reading our SkyFall feature this week, I enjoyed the enthusiasm of the piece for reflecting the joy of dining out with friends and family. We take comfort in the social traditions of catching up over a pint for example: I met some friends after work on a Friday recently for just a single pint, but the ceremony of opening the weekend in such a way is very appealing. You can unwind after the week, share stories, make plans for the weekend, gossip, whatever fun fluff you fancy.

We schedule catch ups around meals too, often before a show or a film. My friend Jamie and I went to Planet India before seeing Logan, for a fine meal and a pre-movie sharpener in the form of flamboyant ales. The curries and snacks are always delicious, and the timeframe quick enough to fit an unrushed meal in without taking up too much of the evening. We live together but rarely eat together at home, so making the time to dine out is logistically sensible too.

My partner is a food lover who continually surprises me with culinary treats, such as the highly affordable (but exotic) Sunbird Deli on London Road. There’s also the brilliant Greek restaurant Yefsis (an explosion of meat, perfect for carnivores like me) and the delights of the Open Market, where I enjoyed some (five) gorgeous little moreish sausage rolls from This Little Piggy.

I look forward to trying out the new SkyFall menu soon, with options popping out to me like crispy calamari, big onion rings, local beer or fluffy yorkshire puddings. Yorkshires are probably my favourite thing in a roast meal in fact, although the pork belly and tender beef sound great too. We’re proud at Latest to share the best of Brighton and its surrounding areas, and this week that happily involves SkyFall in Hove on page 4 and other Hotlist tips on page 10.

Joe Fuller

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