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Andy Garth: Under one roof

- June 19, 2017


Fifty years ago there were very few colour TVs, and only three channels and no IT equipment. Well not any you could get in your lounge, let alone carry. We needed entertaining and so the Rank Organisation built us, in towns and cities all over the country, Top Rank Centres where you could take your pick and choose activities other than the cinema or theatre (as you can see by the advert) including dancing – but only until 11.30pm which is the time youngsters actually start going out nowadays.

Then for the bracing Disco-a-Skating! I would have loved to have seen the suited and booted young men at that one.

Bowling, again with a resident ‘Deejay’ (how to lengthen a name that doesn’t need lengthening!). And lastly, and hopefully without music, Model Car Racing. This all sounds great, and to finish it off The Chip Inn, for no doubt a top class eating experience.

I would have loved to have seen the suited and booted young men at that one

One problem with this was that in Brighton they put all this fab stuff in a brand new building at the bottom of West Street, now known as The Kingswest Centre (or maybe something else these days) which was, and I feel still is, the most horrendous looking building on Brighton’s seafront.

I’m sure many of you may disagree, but if you think architects are devoid of any thought for the surroundings now, in the 1960s they must have possibly not even visited the site. But hey, I’m sure someone will try and get it listed in the future!

Next week, the next Auction.

Brighton And Hove Stuff, 28 Western Road, Hove

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