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Nelda Pereira: Summer’s hottest sunglasses

- July 10, 2017

The sun is shining and we can finally put on our favourite accessory, the sunglasses! Not only does it help you see better in the sun, but you just look so much cooler with them on.

To help illustrate this summer’s trendy eyewear, I’m using the help of two iconic spectacles wearers. The first one is John Lennon and of course his round shaped specs, which became part of his personal trademark.

The circular designed sunglasses were a trend seen last summer and have continued to be popular this season as well. They suit the users who would like to go for a more retro look. They come in different sizes giving you either the ‘John Lennon’ look with small rounded shapes or you can go for the big 1970s inspired style making you look just as great. One of my favourites are the metal framed sunglasses with mirror lenses.

The second celebrity who has become well-known for sticking to a certain type of glasses is Bono, therefore for those who like to wear colours are in luck. This summer’s shades can be found in a range of colour palettes and not just on the lenses, but on the frames as well. With my dark skin tone I find that the yellow tinted glasses suits me quite nicely, but blue and pink are also the right colours at the moment.

“ If you have a round face then rectangular frames would suit you best ”

Another stylish type are the ombré tinted shades and specs with flat lenses, rather than the traditionally curved ones. If you are more fashion forward then why not try sunglasses with decorations or floral details on.

As we all have different head shapes, all sunglasses may not suit everyone therefore try different styles to find the frames that fits you the best. The recommendations are that one should use glasses that contrast with one’s face shape. For instance, if you have a round face shape then rectangular frames would suit you the best as it will balance your facial features by breaking off the roundness and elongating the face. Nonetheless, these are just recommendations as what is more important is that you wear what you feel most comfortable in.

One important aspect to have in mind when buying sunglasses is to make sure that they have UV protection otherwise it is like sunbathing without sunscreen. So whatever look you are going for, a pair of sunnies will definitely rock your outfit.

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