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White Lies

- July 11, 2017

White Lies were a bona fide hit with the sold out crowd at Concorde 2. It’s little surprise in a city that loves the eighties. Charming frontman Harry McVeigh had the audience hanging on his romantic sync pop melodies and singing along to every word. There were arms in the air for ‘Don’t Want to Feel It All’, one of the band’s most catchy ballads. The sound had echoes of Joy Division and the Killers. The elated response of the diverse crowd, showed resurrecting eighties sync pop has worked. The synthesizers and emotional lyrics look to be a contender for newer generations, while simultaneously drumming up nostalgia for those who lived in this post-punk era of music.

Concorde 2, 7 July 2017
Rating: ★★★★★
Abby Kwantes

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