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Soul Of The City

- July 17, 2017

Fresh from performing at the Roundhouse, Soul of the City’s community choir provided true inspiration for the unmelodic amongst us. The night, made up of performance loving non-professionals and fronted by key confidence builder, Vanessa Thomas, covered a range of genres. There were many outstanding moments. The beautifully harmonised Toto ‘Africa’ was one. We loved the sweet rendition of the Everley Brothers ‘Bye Bye Love’ at the start.

However, a more upbeat song here and earlier audience involvement could have encouraged more interaction from the slightly subdued, sold out auditorium. All singing abilities are welcome to the Brighton and Hassocks based choir. Next time they just might need a bigger stage and more performance slots.

The Old Market, 15 July 2017
Rating: ★★★★☆
Abby Kwantes

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