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Warning over ‘car-dooring’ in Brighton & Hove

- September 18, 2017

Drivers are being urged to look out for cyclists before opening their doors after parking.

Brighton & Hove City Council says Portland Road in Hove has seen a significant number of ‘dooring’ incidents over the past three years, resulting in damage and injuries.

The council is also encouraging cyclists to cycle 1.5m away from parked cars wherever possible to avoid any opening doors.

Blatchington Road in Hove is also thought to be a dangerous area for cyclists. The council said signs will be going up around the area urging both drivers and cyclists to take care.

Councillor Gill Mitchell, Chair of the council’s Environment, Transport and Sustainability Committee, said “It’s great more people are taking to cycling but there are risks…So we’re urging both drivers and cyclists to be mindful of the dangers of dooring.”

A campaign by Cycling UK, warning of the ‘car-dooring’ phenomenon, is being supported by Brighton & Hove council.

The campaign group says it wants the Dutch reach – which involves opening doors with the “wrong” hand – to be taught to new drivers.

The Department for Transport says it will consider new messages on cycle safety as part of its Think! Campaign.

By Clare Calder

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