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Thousands gather to see Corbyn at The Level

- September 25, 2017

The Labour Party arrived in Brighton on Saturday to begin its annual conference.

On Saturday the Labour Party Women’s Conference was held.

On Saturday evening the annual eve of conference rally took place. It was held at The Level – attended by around 4,000 people.  There was a lively atmosphere (resembling a mini Glastonbury with Corbyn as the headliner) complete with lights and a DJ entertaining the crowd before the speakers took to the stage.  With the familiar refrain of “oh, Jer-e-my-Cor-byn” being sung to The Whites Stripes‘ “Seven Nation Army”.

Whilst John McDonnell and other speakers addressed the crowd, it was Jeremy Corbyn who was the star attraction. He spoke to the crowd about various topics, including: the NHS; austerity cuts; immigration; affordable housing; Educational Maintenance Allowance and university tuition fees. However, the biggest cheer of the evening came when Corbyn praised campaigning efforts of activists during the general election – particularly those of young people.

There were both laughs and boos when Corbyn told the crowd that with Southern Rail having trains cancelled this weekend it was clear that they were “treating everyone equally badly”. However, cheers soon followed when he promised renationalisation under a Labour Government.

He clearly knew his crowd – telling them that Brighton was a “wonderful place” and “if you are a refugee then Brighton will welcome you”.

The Labour Party Conference is taking place until the 27th September.

By Clare Calder

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