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Louis Michael: It is time we learned to understand computers

- October 30, 2017


For the first twenty years of their existence on our planet and in our world we can be forgiven for delegating computers’ inner workings and persistent maintenance to experts. As our culture becomes increasingly digitalised and humanity proceeds to merge further with technology on every level, what we’ve always disregarded as ‘computer jargon’ is becoming more and more important and relevant.

The digital age began in the hands of a private few, funded and designed by individuals with a far-flung dream. Now that dream has become a reality, and the technology that once existed only in the minds of the few is now in the hands of the majority. Though most do not realise it, now is the critical point at which we must take the reins and put ourselves in the driver’s seat. This is no longer a curious exploration into a new world, this is a fully fledged expedition into a new age for humanity, and we must make sure we are the ones in control of our destination.

It is now illogical and impractical to allow technological design and production, or even technological understanding on a more basic and vital level, to go on as the sole jurisdiction of the minute private few. We must learn at least the basics of computing and technology in order to better synthesise mentally with this new technological age. We must become technologically literate or else risk being as disadvantaged as those in the past who were unable to read in a world of books.

Pessimists must realise that technology does not have to result in the cold unfeeling unnatural technological hellscapes that make up dystopias. Technology combined with nature creates a beautiful new and more productive and sustainable ecosystem. It can be used to augment our natural abilities for genuine human betterment. Technology can create real, pure miracles.

By embracing technology mentally as a society we take technology into our own hands. The good intentions shared by the majority will manifest in new, peaceful and truly beneficial technological innovations.

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