Landlady: Hair today, gone tomorrow


My little house in Turkey is proving to be more cost-effective than I ever imagined.

Not only have I stayed there ‘rent free’ for two months of this year, it is, I reckon, about a quarter of the price of living here in Brighton. This is because the majority of residents shop religiously at the local weekly market, where all manner of super-fresh, often unusual, totally seasonal produce is available in abundance and at unbelievable prices. This having been said, during the month I spent there in September, I ate at home only twice, which is shameful. I blame all the visitors I had, who practically forced me to eat out almost every night. The Small Daughter was an especially evil influence, taking full advantage of my lifelong propensity for lurking around in discotheques until the small hours. Thus, a great deal of money was ‘invested’ in cabs back to the village at ridiculous times in the morning.

I ate at home only twice, which is shameful

As a bonus, at least our late nights meant that I didn’t have to put my hand in my pocket until lunchtime the following day.

Feeling like somewhat of a permanent resident in Turkey, I decided to venture to the local hairdresser for a colour, cut and blow dry. I had heard that the appointments system at both local coiffeurs, Serhat and Ferhat (the irony of these names is sadly lost on the locals) was not as cut and dried as their prospective clients. There is, in fact no system at all and you just turn up and wait until one of the ‘hats’ is available.

I pitched up early, waited five minutes and was rewarded with one of the best all-round experiences I’ve ever had. And all for £20!

Later that day, showing off my tresses on the beach, I was approached by a very nice Turkish lady who, on hearing from a mutual friend that I lived in Brighton, wondered if I might have a room available for her son who was working in Brighton. As it happened, I did and he – a charming young man – moved in last week. You see? Cost effective.

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