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Evolution of Online Gaming – Upcoming PS4 Games That Will Be Released in the UK

- November 10, 2017

This year has already been an excellent one for new PS4 games. We’ve had a summer filled with too many blockbuster hits to mention, from Tekken 7 to Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age. But it’s not over yet. We’re just into the autumn season and there are plenty of exciting releases on the near horizon. Check out these hot new games that will be released in time for the holiday gift season.


1. Gran Turismo Sport: 18 October

Gran Turismo Sport is the first in the franchise released for PS4, ushering in a new era for this classic series. If you love all the speedy thrills of an arcade racing game, this one’s for you. Due for release in just a matter of days, it’s going to offer a host of new features to try out. One of these is Campaign Mode, giving you the chance to boost your driving skills with a virtual Driving School. With tutorial videos and interactive assistance, you’ll be ready to take on the challenge of a live game. Gran Turismo Sport tries to keep the games fair with their Advanced Matchmaking feature, so that you won’t be pitted against a championship racer on your first spin around the track. Car customisation, AI-assisted driving aids, and realistic backgrounds are sure to make this a more exciting and immersive experience than ever.


2. Assassin’s Creed Origins: 27 October

The next big release on the docket is Assassin’s Creed Origins, from Ubisoft. The ever-popular series has taken a year off to boost their goodies and graphics for a newer, sleeker Assassin’s Creed. Set in a beautifully-designed ancient Egypt, Origins promises a higher level of refinement and brilliant graphics to enjoy. Players can choose their own adventure with a series of quests. Each quest or task offers its own narrative, so you don’t stray too far from the main story but can always keep things fresh. Naturally, the fights provide the main action here, and in this world you’ll battle both man and beast including some very scary hippos. Weapons available to the assassins include swords and shields, dual-swords and spears, as well as your own strategy of course.


3. The Four Kings Casino and Slots: October Update

The Four Kings gives you all the thrills of a real casino experience, from the comfort of your home’s PS4. To play, you create a personalised 3D avatar and hit the gaming floor. Try your luck with bingo, roulette, blackjack, poker, and plenty of slots. This October, the game’s getting an update with a new slots game called Millionaire Manor. The design’s downright eerie, with classic ghostly touches like portrait eyes that follow you as you make your way through the manor, and there are plenty of bonus rounds to keep the excitement high. The other new update this month is an Escape called “The Penthouse,” where you can count your earnings or sit by the fire on a posh patio. The Four Kings keeps it fresh with new features like this, but you can also check out the various live casino games available online for even more gaming options.


4. Sonic Forces: 7 November

It’s hard to believe, but Sonic the Hedgehog is over 25 years old now. The upcoming Sonic Forces for PS4 is the latest instalment in the series, promising plenty of 3D graphics and a style reminiscent of Sonic Heroes. There are three different stages of the game, including Modern, Classic and Avatar. They all offer a distinct style and series of challenges. If you’re a fan of the more recent 3D Sonic games, you’ll like the Modern stage with its similar obstacles. Classic gives you the chance to play scenes more like the original Sonic the Hedgehog games, like a boss battle against Doctor Eggman. With the Avatar stages, you get to kit out your characters with personalised weapons and abilities.


5. Star Wars Battlefront II: 17 November

Can’t get enough of everything Star Wars related? We’ll round out the list with another live-action game offering both single and multiplayer formats. Star Wars Battlefront 2 is going all out with graphics, story and special features. The basic plot of this new game follows Imperial commander Iden Versio, who aims to get revenge for the Emperor’s death. Players can choose from different sides, each with four main classes of characters including a medic, sniper, basic soldier and more powerful soldier. Action scenes are balanced between epic space battles and realistic first-person ground shooting.

From live multiplayer action games like Call of Duty to nostalgic hits like Sonic Forces, there’s plenty for PS4 players to get worked up about this autumn and winter.

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