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BREMF – NAME THAT TUNE – Chelys Consort of Viols

- November 11, 2017

Advertised like a pub quiz and in ‘Café format’, this was meant to attract crowds but the informality seems to have put people off. Historically, of course, viol music was meant to be talked over but none of us are quite aristocratic enough (yet) to be so unfeeling, especially when the playing is so good. Emily Atkinson (soprano) and David Gould (countertenor) gave personality to the divisions and Sarah Finch played many parts with verve. Being an early music nerd, I was in my element but there was a stifling primness about the delivery which contrasted with the relaxed setting.

St George’s Church, 10 November 2017
Rating: ★★★☆☆
Andrew Connal

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