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Tackling Diabetes with Innovation

- November 14, 2017

Today is World Diabetes Day and across the UK there are currently 3.8 million people living with it, and out of those, it is estimated that 3.4 million have type 2.

The disease is a growing epidemic, especially in South East Asia, where 72 million people are battling against it.

A lot of rumours surround diabetes and how it can be developed at different stages of life, including wether or not Type 2 is reversible.

But, as always, we will find innovative ways to combat such diseases and the hurdles they place in life’s path.

And now we hear from doctors who have pioneered new ways of doing just that.

Around the Brighton area there are Diabetic Groups who host regular functions and supportive events, so if you’re diabetic and looking to get involved in those, search for their group on facebook: Brighton Area Group Diabetes UK

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