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AK Souffle: Celebrations

- December 11, 2017


No, not the sweet selection, the real thing and a celebration in two ways. A little off a week ago I was despatched with a colleague and friend to the dark North, Manchester to be precise. I was there to represent the boss, Bill Smith.

Latest Bill is well known, he’s been at the front of Brighton media for more years than I care to recall right now and has been my boss, in a very un-bossy way, for 25 years now. We get on well most of the time, we fight and argue of course, but what creative people do not fight and argue. Show me a passive creative and I’ll show you a dullard!

Anyway, enough of that, and back to the story. We were in Manchester for the National Diversity Awards, a rather glamorous event staged at the very glamorous Midland Hotel, a place of legend in the North West where I grew up. It was black tie, drinks reception, dinner, you know the kind of thing… and Bill was unable to go, which was a shame as he was nominated in one of the prestigious categories as a champion of diversity. Hence my attendance to, should I need to, accept an award on his behalf.

We don’t do diversity, we are diversity!

There were lots of people there and some truly moving and inspirational speakers and acceptance speeches, one or two of which brought tears to my eyes. It was an event full of heart and hope and I was in the company of real people who work tirelessly to make a difference, a difference in so many ways.

When it came to Latest Bill’s category we were thrilled, following the announcements of the five finalists as Bill’s name was read out as being highly commended. Now in a field of over a thousand nominees across all the categories this was exciting stuff.

Off course I had spoken to Bill in advance about what I might say should he win. He was very clear: “We don’t do diversity, we are diversity!”.

In the event I didn’t need to make a speech. I had planned to say that he could not attend because he does not own a suit, but for those of us who really know Bill, he does own a suit and that suit is a real passion for diversity, for inclusion and for giving voice to people of all ages, creeds, ethnicity, gender, sexual preference… the list is too long for inclusion here. You will be seeing a lot of this logo in the coming months because we are very proud of this award, an award that Bill says is not for him but for every one who works to make Latest the company that it is.

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