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Mark Lanegan

- December 14, 2017

Mark Lanegan has lived a hell of a life which is reflected in his dark songs and etched into his Tom Waits meets Lee Hazlewood gravelly voice. ‘Death’s Head Tattoo’ and ‘The Gravedigger’s Song’ set the mood for an evening of dusty desert tunes and bluesy rock mini-epics from new album ‘Gargoyle’ and earlier works. A man of few words, Lanegan let his atmospheric music do the talking with a mix of Gothic electro and tender ballads alongside heavier country rock. The set ended with a thumping ‘Methamphetamine Blues’ before he returned with beautiful versions of ‘Torn Red Heart’ and ‘Bombed’.

Concorde 2, 11 December 2017
Rating: ★★★★☆
Steve Clements

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