Khalil: Can landlords future-proof themselves against the changes that 2018 threatens?

Always be prepared

2018 promises to be a year of increased regulation for landlords. But what else lies on the horizon – and how can you future-proof your investments against what lies ahead?
Let’s take a look at the storm clouds brewing, and offer you some ways to ensure you stay home and dry.

Interest rate hikes
Late last year the Bank of England announced the first base rate rise for over a decade. And many experts believe the increase from 0.25% to 0.5% will certainly not be the last.

If you are on a tracker or SVR rate mortgage, now is a good time to consider shifting to a long-term fixed rate option.

Stringent energy efficiency regulation
From April new energy efficiency standards will make it illegal to let a property on a new tenancy with an EPC rating of F or below. As many as 300,000 properties may be affected.

The best advice is to check your EPCs now – and make improvements if needed.

Tenant fees ban
A draft bill entered parliament in November 2017 seeking to ban letting fees. In addition, it proposes capping holding deposits at no more than one week’s rent, and limiting security deposits to no more than six weeks.

The ban looks certain to be passed into law, but exactly when remains unclear. However, most agree that costs will, at least initially, fall on landlords.

Changes to mortgage tax relief
You should seriously consider how the changes to mortgage tax relief will affect your profits. You need to understand exactly how these changes will affect you before you can review what actions you may need to take.

Stricter lending requirements
With the introduction of stricter affordability tests for portfolio landlords now being used by lenders, it is high time to get your books in order.

You will need to have all financial records relating to your property investment portfolio clearly documented when you apply for any new mortgage.

Expect the unexpected
Last year saw a raft of legislation and changes that affected the buy-to-let sector. No doubt 2018 will see more of the same.

It is increasingly difficult to keep on top of all the changing legislation that affects rental properties and your obligations as a landlord.

But there is a way you can guarantee your income and wave goodbye to the need to worry too much about the ins and outs of the volatile climate we face.

We call it Khalil’s Rent Guarantee Scheme – and in a time of storm clouds on the horizon, it’s a welcome ray of sunshine for landlords.

Khalil’s Rent Guarantee Scheme lets you know exactly what to expect.

At last, here’s something you can rely on.

We lease your property and pay you an agreed rent every single month, come rain or shine, regardless of whether the property is occupied or not.

We manage all maintenance and tenant relationships – we can even help you refurbish your property to maximise its rental potential.

It’s the perfect way, in turbulent times, to future-proof your investment.

And, unlike the regulatory landscape we face, its refreshingly simple!

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