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Guaranteed Rent: NGB Lettings explain how they can guarantee your rent

- February 12, 2018

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One of the greatest worries a landlord experiences is rent arrears and negligent tenants, followed closely by the potential costs of the eviction process and damaged property.

Our innovative GUARANTEED RENT SERVICE can remove both worries and provide you with complete peace of mind and hassle-free lettings. 
Guaranteed Rent Service is a professional service with no hassle, a service that will not charge you any fees, and a service that gives you the option to guarantee your rental income 365 days of the year.

Many landlords underestimate the costs and losses they incur by using a traditional estate agent.

What are the benefits of Guaranteed Rent for landlords?

No void periods, no rent arrears, no commission, no set-up fees, no renewal fees or any other “hidden extras”. No need to deal with the tenants at all. We can be flexible with payment dates, contract lengths, and start date.

Why Choose Us?

• By letting your property to NGB Lettings, you’ll receive a guaranteed rental income for up to five years, even during void periods.

• We’ll take care of lettings and on-going property maintenance, so you don’t have to.

• If your property’s not rent ready, our team of professionals will bring it up to scratch, from small decorating jobs and tasteful furnishings, with no up-front costs to you.

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Guaranteed Rent
We will pay you the rent in full on the set contract date, regardless whether your property is occupied or empty. You can relax in the safety of knowing your rental income is guaranteed and your property is professionally managed without any management fees.

Free Property Management
We offer our landlords a complete professional property management service free of charge – from referencing tenants, regular property inspections, performing regular cleaning service – and take care of the minor repairs to ensure your property is thoroughly looked after.

No Void Period
We can guarantee your rent for up to 5 years. Our aim is to ensure the landlord has complete peace of mind and guaranteed rental income. We will sign a fixed period lease, starting from 2 years, with you and you will receive monthly rental payment on time regardless of if your property is tenanted or not.

No Fees
There is no set up fees, no monthly commission, no renewal fees and absolutely no ‘hidden extras’.

Utility Bills Covered
Worry about the utility bills for the empty property? From the moment we manage your property, we will take full responsibility of your property’s utility bills and the council tax bill.

Regular Property Cleaning
We treat your property as our own and organise free regular cleaning service to your property to ensure it maintains a high standard.

How It Works

Step 1 Call us to discuss a property that you feel could be a possible opportunity for us. We can then provide you with a rental quote over the phone or by arranging an appointment to look at the property.

Step 2 Once you’re comfortable with all the boring T’s and C’s we can sign you up to a lease in which we become your tenant and pay you a net figure every month inclusive of property management fees and maintenance costs. There are no void periods, so you get a continuous income for the duration of the lease!

Step 3 Enjoy the comfort in knowing you have a secure tenant for up to 5 years!

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