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Khalil: Brighton and Hove landlords come out in opposition to the council’s new licensing scheme

- February 12, 2018

HMO Regulation

A new licensing scheme will come into effect for landlords in Brighton and Hove this March. And it’s going to cost landlords £1,600 in its first year.

It is estimated that the licensing scheme will affect more than 3,000 landlords. Anyone who rents out what is classed as a house in multiple occupation (HMO) within the city will fall under the scheme’s sway.

The scheme will be used to extend and replace more piecemeal landlord strategies that are currently in place in areas such as Lewes Road.

In order to continue renting their HMO properties landlords will need to join the licensing scheme. This will cost an initial £1,000, and then there will be a further £600 each year.

What do Brighton landlords think of the scheme?
Brighton and Hove landlords have come out strongly in opposition: only a third agree to the plan, according to results from the council’s own survey.

The scale of opposition was revealed at a recent meeting of Brighton and Hove City Council’s housing and new homes committee. It disclosed that the results from a major consultation carried out between June and September in 2017 suggested that the vast majority of private landlords oppose the scheme. Indeed 48 per cent of landlords stated that they strongly opposed the proposed changes.

Landlords were not without support in the council. Councillor Mary Mears argued that the scheme may “create more problems for tenants. Landlords will pass on the costs to their tenants, whatever anyone says. That’s business.”

Is there such a thing as rent without stress?
The Brighton and Hove licensing initiative is just one example of how landlords are having to jump through hoops to realise a return on their investment.

There’s the changes to tax relief, the new EPCs, interest rate hikes, stricter lending requirements and the tenant fees ban all looming on the horizon.

But, thankfully, there is a way to avoid all the stress.

Khalil’s Rent Guarantee Scheme takes the uncertainty out of renting. We lease your property from you and guarantee you rent every single month, regardless of whether the property is occupied or not.

• We take care of finding tenants, vetting them and managing their tenancy.
• We take care of the daily maintenance on your property.
• We ensure your property meets the changing list of requirements.
And all you have to do is watch the rent roll in month after month.
It’s that simple and it’s that effective. To find out more about rent without all the stress contact us today.

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