Andy Garth: A Fiver well spent


We hear, read and see on the TV antique style shows that condition is everything, but sometimes when you are offered an item that is bashed and battered but is a must to look at and peruse then so what, the condition clause goes out the window.

So a lovely lady brings a beaten up book in which is fro 1938 and as you can see is called Hints for Holidays in Southern Sunshine which was produced by Southern Railways and covers all the areas served by their trains that would be great for a holiday that was easily access by rail.

Now it covers Cornwall to Kent and includes the Channel Islands and is almost 1000 pages long and cost the princely sum of 6d(that’s 2.5 p in new money) and what a bargain it was then, let alone now as it’s the best £5 I’ve spent for ages.


There are adverts for hotels all over Sussex and places to see but my favourite pictures were a view through Saltdean which I drive every day and only wish it was like this again!

The other photo is an advert for the brand new Ocean Hotel in Saltdean which was officially opened in 1938 so for 3 1/2 Guineas (approx £3.67)

I would imagine it would have been a dream destination, new modern hotel but……. nowhere near a railway station!!!!!

The Auction Catalogue for the March 27 sale is now available, so if you would like a copy email me

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