Tuesday, February 25

Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra

- March 15, 2018

Picture perfect; an innovative programme brought to life by the electrifying Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra with Carlos Miguel Prieto at the helm. His agile and full bodied conducting brought out the contrasts and dynamics of each Ravel arrangement with gusto. The pieces were lively and challenging with complex orchestration. Not least of all for the percussion line, who were on their toes swapping places and beaters for the duration.

We were privileged to have Gabriela Montero take centre stage for the Piano Concerto in G. She has an intuitive, as well as highly disciplined, approach to playing which is a pleasure to witness. The final round of applause was layered with stamping feet and woops of elation, very exciting!

Brighton Dome, 10 March 2018
Rating: ★★★★★
Enna Andrews

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