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- March 15, 2018

Drawing in a crowd slightly older than expected for a 21-year-old, energetic, singer-songwriter from Norway, Sigrid embarked on her first world tour. The sensational debut on Graham Norton, winning BBC Music Sound of 2018, and rebelling lyrics on ‘Don’t kill my vibe,’ might explain her above-teenage following. Sigrid coolly – arguably her favourite word – performed in her signature jeans, trainers and t-shirt ensemble.

Her Neil Young- and Joni Mitchell-loving parents, convinced Sigrid to try singing over teaching. And so this Adele-inspired, cat-loving, very likeable artist is set to show strangers everywhere, how you don’t need make-up or indeed anything except yourself, to be fabulous!

Concorde2, 12 March 2018
Rating: ★★★★½
Jayne Ralph

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