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The Elvis Dead: Rob Kemp

- May 9, 2018

As Rob Kemp steps onto the stage he introduces the show in an unassuming manner, setting the scene – this is where cult horror classic movie The Evil Dead II meets Elvis Presley. And thus we see “just a man from Wolverhapmton” transform into our very own Ash, battling his posessed girlfriend, being posessed himself, and fighting for his very survival as he sings his way – with a truly remarkable voice – through genius adaptations of The King’s classic hits chronicling the story.

Kemp is incredible. This is a concert mixing horror, drama, comedy, the active deconstruction of the stage’s third wall, as well as so many brilliant and hilarious props and make up changes that it is actually spellbinding. Little wonder this show became the underground hit of last year’s Edinburgh Fringe. Book your ticket to the only other date it’s running in the Brighton Fringe now!

Komedia, 7 May 2018 (next show 28 May, Brighton Fringe)
Rating: ★★★★★
Victoria Nangle

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