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Stealth Aspies: Autistic People Speak Out

- May 24, 2018

Once seen predominantly as the inhabitants of films about sauvants or ‘challenging’ families, the spotlight has been thrown in recent years on explaining and introducing those on the Autistic spectrum, and how many and varied these people may be. Stealth Aspies is the opportunity to hear their voices, both directly and through another speaker, from the world’s first entirely NeuroAtypical performance company.

It is rididuclous to say that all autistic people live the same experience, which is why this is so invaluable deilvering a wall of impressions as passions fly and fears are outed, voices usually quieted given a route through which to be heard. Experiences of being ‘in the closet’ are shared, as well as how a late diagnosis might be a liberating as well as fearful experience. These are snapshots of a perspective of life through poetry and prose, delivered with courage and spirit laid bare – to be judged, embraced, understood, but most of all heard.

Sweet Werks, 22 May 2018 (running until 24th, also playing 26-27 May)
Rating: ★★★★☆
Victoria Nangle

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