Fretful Federation Mandolin Orchestra

What a treat! Two groups of string trembling musicians playing diverse, eclectic, innovative programmes, and coming together for two full and deeply layered pieces at the end. FFMO are a community orchestra who meet on Tuesdays to rehearse at St Georges Church in Kemp Town, all are welcome. The church is fast becoming one of my favourite concert venues, the amazing acoustic qualities of the space lend themselves so very well to the strings. The warmth and friendly enthusiasm of conductor Lindsay Stoner made mandolin playing and performing seem not only accessible, but also welcoming and within reach. What struck me the most were the incredible expressive dynamics of the pieces and the deft control the players had. The piece that stayed with me on my walk home was a gorgeous composition by Chris Acquavella called ‘Yutuma’, give it a listen. Gorgeous!

St George’s Church, 22 May 2018
Rating: ★★★★½
Enna Andrews

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