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Are you thinking about purchasing an investment property?
We offer a free hour of advice for landlords looking at buying a rental property. It is vital to speak with us prior to making an offer on a purchase to ensure that the property you are buying is in fact a good investment. We often have landlords come to us once their sale has completed expecting an unachievable rent and little understanding of the rental market.

Is your tenant in arrears?
We are proud to say that we have no tenants in arrears and we believe this comes down to the fact we are a guarantor-based agency, working closely with tenants and guarantors to ensure rental payments are on time.

Are Harringtons a student-only letting agent?
No. We can be perceived to be a student-only agent and this is not the case, in fact our student portfolio is a small part of our business. Although we pride ourselves in our ability to let and manage student properties we deal with a wide variety of properties ranging from small studio flats to large luxury homes.

We find it is not only landlords who prefer to receive a personal service

What is the benefit from working with an independent agent?
We find it is not only landlords who prefer to receive a personal service tailored to their needs but we also have great relationships with our long term tenants, who often look to find their next property through us as well, helping us guarantee landlords great quality tenants. We are a very efficient team providing a specialist level of service to ensure your investment is looked after.

How do Harringtons compare to a corporate agent?
Whilst we are a small team in comparison to a large corporate company, our office is run in such a way to ensure our service is never jeopardised. We only have specialist teams working in the department they are experienced and passionate about. We are confident that we can match and improve on any service you have received from a larger agent whilst giving that personal touch.

Why not call Harringtons’ letting experts on 01273 724000 for a free advice or a valuation. Alternatively you can email at valuations@harringtonslettings.co.uk

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