Alice Marshall:The Strike

Maria is a causticly foul-mouthed air stewardess and our guide on a perilous journey aboard ‘Air Paradiso’ as we cross time and space after a midair lightening strike. The absurdity of this dimension we currently share was shown by setting it up as an ‘alternate reality’, navigated through strong character play, filmed clips and montages of 80’s adverts. We were transported to a dystopian future, a not too distant past and a Hollywood where seemingly, different codes of conduct apply to its members. The room was packed out, but Alice Marshall held firm at the helm, encouraging audience interaction and yet never letting the dynamic get outside of her control. We were in good hands with Alice, even if Maria would have happily left us to our midair horrors. 

The Warren: Theatre Box, 27 May 2018
Rating: ★★★★½
Enna Andrews

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