Andy Garth: Bucking the Trend!


As you well know I am constantly plugging my emporium Brighton and Hove Stuff in Western Road Hove… well, with House Of Fraser, Marks and Spencer’s and other large proper shops seemingly closing branches, I am expanding and opening shop two!

Now I unfortunately haven’t won the lottery or the Pools (ask your parents), but with my network of friendly property contacts I have been given the opportunity to open a ‘Pop Up’ unit in an old chemist’s shop in Church Road Hove. And when I say “old” chemist’s, I mean it as the shop has been used for that purpose continuously from the 1880’s.

So as of this week I have filled the place with thousands and thousands of black and white photos from the Argus Archive for all you lovely people to rummage and delve into and buy (at very reasonable prices). Pictures of everything you can imagine from people to places, animals, events, sports, views of Sussex – in fact you name it and I’ve probably got a picture of it.

I unfortunately haven’t won the lottery or the Pools (ask your parents)

We are hoping to be open seven days a week and would love you to come along and hunt through the pictures and ask questions and get lost in this vast collection of snaps from the 1960s to the 1990s.


The actual address is:
114 Church Road Hove, on the corner of Albany Villas and opposite the HSBC.

Any questions please email me
I look forward to seeing you.

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