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Andy Garth: Postcodes and Boundaries

- August 6, 2018


My topic this week is random this week, as as usual I’m rushing around like a headless chicken having been part of the Live and Let Live (Heritage Lottery) team working to deadlines – which is so not me, as the Editor of this fine publication will confirm!

So the first snapshot is something that thousands of us drive past on a daily basis, situated on Marine Drive Saltdean, and is the boundary marker as defined in 1928 between Brighton Corporation and East Sussex County Council. So as with the Brighton and Hove border, you can literally have one foot in one place and one in another.

You can literally have one foot in one place and one in another

The second photo is of an original poster from around 1970, printed by the GPO (General Post Office) who were slowly introducing the postcode system around the country and Brighton was one of the early trialists. This is an example of the advertising campaign that was in operation.


The original lithograph is by Bernard Brett, who it seems liked his Brighton as there are several other local images online by him. The poster is in the window of my shop in Western Road Hove if you are interested.

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