From the editor: Going on a Summer holiday


What makes a holiday good? I’ve been giving this some thought of late as conversations have turned to weekends away, belated honeymoons, and staycations.

First and foremost, it seems to be who you’re there with. Which can be many people or simply your own sweet lonesome. It all depends what you want from this trip. I’m heading up for a whistle-stop “heelllllooooo” at the Edinburgh Fringe for a few days, and although I will be staying with friends and have lots of pals and good fun acquaintances up for the whole month I’m also likely to have times of solitude. They’re all working, embracing the vibe for the long hall – it’s their marathon that I’ll be simply doing a quick jog alongside for a weekend.

I’ve spoken with couples going on holiday too, and we agree that even if your interests don’t seem to mesh entirely it’s worth doing that bit of digging for a destination that fits the budget and allows each party to do their thing during the day and come back and compare notes for supper. Plenty of places offer stunning nature hikes as well as contemplative museums in the same postcode. It doesn’t have to be a battleground.

And then there’s the staycation. With the current heatwave not looking to abate, our beaches, country walks, bars, restaurants and – dare I say it – boutique shops, all the trappings of time away can be had on your doorstep if you just turn off your phone and grab that book that’s been nagging you for ages. Saves on flights, and your Out Of Office notification won’t care if you’re in Rome or Rottingdean.

Victoria Nangle

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