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Andy Garth: More Mad Items

- September 24, 2018


Now if you are reading by this after 25th September… then you’ve missed the opportunity to pick up some great Brighton and Hove Ephemera from our Auction sale at the Aldrington Church Hall (Glebe Villas, Hove, Tuesday 25 September, doors opening at 6.30pm with the sale starting at 8pm).

The examples here are unusual and collectible, with the first photo showing an original bird’s eye view of part of the newly built Patcham Estate, taken in the late 1930s. If you look carefully to the left of the middle of the photo you can pick out the Patcham Clock Tower that is at the start of Mackie Avenue.

Great postcards but a bit odd to celebrate the demise of a building

The second photo is a pair of postcards from June 1909 showing the raging fire, and sadly the remains of the Abbey brewery site, on the Eastern Road with Kemp Town Railway Station in the background of the top card, and in the bottom card Brighton College. Great postcards but a bit odd to celebrate the demise of a building.


The last photo is an odd lot but very sweet as it is a card jewellery box from R T Barfoot of 62 North Street Brighton. Inside are four silver plated football medals that seem to never have been presented to the recipients from Brighton Hove and Sussex Grammar School in 1927.
All fab items with low reserves.

If you need any more info email me

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