From the editor: Winds of change


Big things are afoot. You can feel it in the air. It’s like the idea of shaking things up a bit has come out with the moth balls and lavender bags that keep your winter woolies safe. As if the sand of summer is finally shifting from between the toes and your not sure whether your favourite boots are still your favourite boots. Is it time for new boots? New wardrobe? New relationship? New home? New job? New ambitions? Or even simply a new cocktail?

When I first moved to Brighton from London over a decade and a half ago it struck me: in London the people I knew were like moles, with their heads down, furiously burrowing in a straight line as hard as they could, set on a destination navigated only by instinct and memory. I felt that I had been like that. Until I had burrowed to the surface and asked myself if this straight line direction is still where I really want to head. And it wasn’t.

In Brighton it strikes me that there are a lot more surface-dwellers (if I were to continue this metaphor, which I’m going to). People who look around and frequently ask themselves questions of direction and ambition, in tune with the seasons above ground and occasionally open to the elements. In gazing at the sky we do get rained on, but we can also see that the sky’s the limit.

So the winds are changing, the rains are arriving and sinking into the earth, and even our own moles are heading up to taste the change. Whether it’s a change of address or a change of favourite restaurant. Happy adventuring.

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