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Culture Club

- November 14, 2018

If you were asked to choose an icon of the true rock and roll life style, despite there being so so many to choose from, few would tick quite as many boxes as Boy George. Rags to riches, drugs and booze and of course the flambouyant way he and the band hit the pop world in an explosion of scandal, cross dressing and best of all fun. Well fun and of course music. There is little doubt that Culture Club released some of the very best pop hits of the era. Last Night the band came out and proved that not only were these great hits but that they were beautifully put together. We were also reminded that Boy George was no pop puppet but the owner of superb instrument in his voice. Despite all the ups and downs that voice is still there if not better than ever. Surrounded by original band members and new they powered through a set of satisfying hits against a backdrop of creative images and lights and had the audience on their feet from the very first number. We got the songs we wanted but in a surprise turn they unleashed a ripping version of Bowie’s Heroes followed immediately by Bolan’s Get It On, both startlingly good and in a moment of lucid thought I realised why – George was paying tribute to two of the worlds best pop musicians yes, but also to two men who celebrated in their lives a level of gender fluidity that was way way ahead of the curve. In a final burst of exuberance we finally got a thundering version of Karma Chameleon that put the cherry on an evening of classic pop.
The Brighton Centre
13 November
Andrew KayRating: ★★★★½

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