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Uproar at Valley Gardens Phase Three Proposal

- November 29, 2018

Local businesses and residents were invited along to a presentation of the Valley Gardens phase three proposal, and not all were pleased. With the subject of Valley Gardens on everyone’s lips right now, we sat down with local businessman Gary Farmer to find out his concerns for the future. This follows a meeting by the Environment, Transport and Sustainability Committee of Brighton & Hove City Council who approved the business case for Phase 3 of the Scheme. Many are concerned this may cement the Option 1 design as the agreed design for the area, which many Steine businesses say is flawed. The committee assured those concerned by saying further consultation will take place in January alongside analysis of the consultation survey results. However, a group of businesses and public sector organisations and residents alongside the Steine want to ensure that the consultation is not just paying lip service to these views, but that concerns about the area turning into one of high traffic congestion are listened to.

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