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Homeless by the Sea – Latest Bill

- January 28, 2019

Welcome to Brighton where at the end of the rainbow the streets are paved with gold – or are they? For too many the reality falls far short. What do you think of civilisation in the UK? I think it would be a very good idea! And that is surely proved as the rich pontificate on TV while the poor freeze and die in our streets!

It shocks me that politicians are talking about whether we should make trade deals with Singapore or Spain, when there’s thousands of people sleeping in the streets ( and many dying prematurely ) I guess civilisation in the UK would be a good idea!

C4 and BBC and most major channels are the rich discussing the poor. When did you see an unemployedperson presenting a show? No, on
Newsnight it’s Kirsty Wark or Evan Davis telling us of the poor unemployed’s plight. The poor can’t be allowed to have their own voice! When the posh TV presenters talk of the North on mainstream TV they mean Zone 4 not Middlesborough. And the same is true of rough sleepers and the homeless. Have you ever seen programmes on major channels where the homeless are the show runners? No, of course not. I hate those words of course!!!

Well that changes next week as Latest TV shows Homeless By The Sea every night at 7pm. The director Eva Wilshere allows Brighton’s rough sleepers to tell us their stories and we get to see them as individuals and blimey most of them can talk as well as Kirsty or Evan. ( Sorry Kirsty/ Evan you’re just my examples as ALL major London based presenters are Oxbridge types! ) Whatever happened to the working class!!

I was a prefab council house kid who was clever and went to Oxford. Thanks to my Scottish parents who wanted me to do well. My posh friends used to say “ William, you must come over and see my estate” which was probably half of Wiltshire. I used to respond, “ Oh Roger, come and see my estate!” By the way I preferred my council estate, a lotta life! Be nice if we could build a few more!!!

Anyway, I had nothing much to do with the Homeless film ( must have been the executive producer ha! ) which is why I can say it’s a great film. And when we’ve shown it before on Latest TV it’s got some of the biggest audiences we’ve ever had on the channel. Tens of thousands have seen it so don’t miss this crucial film.

As we are showing Homeless By The Sea we are also highlighting the issue in many of our other programmes. So check Latest News every night and The Vote and especially the interviews on The People’s Republic Of Brighton and Hove.

Latest Bill

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  1. February 6, 2019 by ian skelton

    hi my name is ian and i never gave permission for me to be on telly on homeless by the sea or brighton forgotten comunity

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