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SEASON FINALE – Brighton Philharmonic Orchestra, Steven Osborne (piano), Barry Wordsworth (conductor)

- March 17, 2019

What a splendid memorial for Don Newbold, a most generous sponsor of the BPO! He was also a jolly host who’d have loved Chabrier’s ‘Joyeuse Marche’, an orchestral sketch of musicians staggering home after an evening drinking.

However, Don loved piano concertos most of all, and one of the greatest is Rachmaninov’s No.3. From its very first, muted opening bars this was bound to be a powerful performance. Carefully measured by the soloist and conductor, the tension grew, was eased and built again many times throughout the three movements until the climax brought the full house to tremendous applause that was only calmed by another beautiful dose of Rachmaninov, Prelude Op.23 No.4.

The 2019 season concluded with another blockbuster, Berlioz’s extravagant and no less exciting ‘Symphonie Fantastique’. Dreams, dancing, death march, witches and all, Maestro Wordsworth whipped up a fabulous musical nightmare showing the orchestra off at its very best.

Dome Concert Hall,
17 March 2019
Rating: ★★★★★
Andrew Connal

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