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- November 11, 2019

Mustering and marshalling such a diverse crowd was a tour de force and a great deal of research and preparation contributed to this Festival of fun. There was also a very serious message of eco-awareness. The Children from Westdene & Goldstone Primary Schools knew where they should be, knew their words and performed with great enthusiasm. So too the sprightly Streetfunk dancers who added more energy and enjoyment.

The BREMF Community Choir and BREMF Consort of Voices played the roles of medieval crowds and reactionary clerics with beautifully sung period songs.

Miranda Mufema, from Windmill Young Actors, delivered the Child Bishop’s homily with expressive clarity and a dominating presence. Perhaps if she had also presided as a narrator and introduced all the disparate elements then the whole event would have been more effective. As it was, we had to enjoy each bit as it came along, while trying to recall the extensive programme notes. It’s not comfortable sitting in the dark wondering what on Earth is going on – but that was probably the whole point!

This excellent contribution to BREMF’s educational effort has introduced yet another generation of keen youngsters to the delights of early music in a lively and evocative context.

St Martin’s Church,
10 November 2019
Rating: ★★★½☆
Andrew Connal

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