BREMF – REBELLION! – Joglaresa

Joglaresa romp through medieval music with an energy and enthusiasm that gives no quarter.

JoglaresaThe antique texts are at times angry, joyous or melancholic and the tunes crafted to match. Latin, Middle English and varieties of medieval French, Italian and Spanish are sung with gusto and the melodies are spiked with drones and percussion.

JoglaresaThis musical mélange is introduced by the irrepressible Belinda Sykes who also directs a diverse ensemble of manic multi-talented singers, players and dancers. The illustrations and animated sequences are witty and often hard hitting, reflecting the political or satirical punch of the original medieval texts.

JoglaresaTheir multi-media format means that YouTube presentation is their natural home.

This jolly event is available on YouTube until Saturday.

31 October 2020
[rating: 4.5]
Andrew Connal

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