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Faye Bridgwater on the Brighton Skies Facebook Page!

- November 19, 2020

Latest TV Presenter, Yael Breuer, speaks to the local artist, Faye Bridgwater, about the Brighton Skies Facebook Page and much more! Award winning artist, Faye Bridgwater spends most of her days looking up at the sky and out to sea. Having grown up in Watford, she then studied for her degree in Sculpture in the industrial city of Sheffield. She now lives in the stimulating and fun city of Brighton and Hove. Every day, she enjoys observing the ever-changing weather over the horizon, hearing the sounds of the seagulls and the pebbles tumbling in the waves. Now a contemporary landscape artist, her work is influenced by the Sussex coastline, with its tall, white, bold cliffs, and the graceful, elegant rolling hills of the South Downs; together inspiring her joyful abstract compositions. Yael finds out more!

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