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The Vote with Mark Walker – Remembering The Past – Author and Public Speaker, Dorit Oliver-Wolff

- July 16, 2021

Latest TV News Editor, Mark Walker, speaks to the the Author, Public Speaker and Human Rights Activist, Dorit Oliver-Wolff, about her life, including as a child under the Nazis. Dorit tells Mark her remarkable story, from dancing in the Yugoslavian Royal Court, through Nazi persecution and poverty, to pop stardom. She has also written a book, titled From Yellow Star to Pop Star. As Mark finds out, few people have experienced such sweeping highs and devastating lows. Persecuted by the Nazis and repeatedly betrayed by their collaborators as a child, she overcame the displacement and confusion of the post-war period to become a successful and much-feted pop star. Mark finds out more in this moving and important interview.

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