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Rebel Riders – The 522 Mile Cycle to Cop26 with William Ranieri – Day 6/9

- November 1, 2021

Cycle from Brighton to Glasgow for COP26: Days 5 and 6 In the last two days, the riders have cycled from Rotherham to Hawes via Harrogate. The beautiful countryside was also wet and windy, but the spirit remained high. With only 3 days to go before arriving in Glasgow on the 1st of November, the end of this epic journey is looking nearer by the minute. In today’s episode, I met with the people behind Zero Carbon in Harrogate and I spoke with Peter, one of the riders, who shared his hopes and concerns about the climate crisis. Don’t forget to share and follow the Cycle to COP26 Brighton to Glasgow The mission of Zero Carbon Harrogate is to help the Harrogate District to achieve a net-zero carbon future through a reduction in carbon emissions. But to do such a thing, they have to conquer the trust of those who care about the environment but are not willing to change their lifestyle, common ground found throughout the collectives and charities related to the climate crises. Peter, one of the riders, shares his hopes and concerns about the climate crisis. Do continue to follow us and don’t forget to comment share and like.

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