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Latest TV Reporter, William Ranieri recently went to the screening of ReThink Disability, a film by The Grace Eyre Foundation that “challenges us to rethink our perception of disability. It educates us to see ability first. The concept is not to take away from the real challenges faced by people with disabilities, but to provide a platform to talk about the challenges.”

He speaks to Julie Rossiter, Director of The Grace Eyre Foundation about what the Brighton based charity do. Founded in 1898, the charity leads the way in their commitment to supporting people with learning disabilities, autism and/or mental health issues.

William chats to 5-time Paralympic Athlete, John Harris about the campaign, what more can be done to support people with disabilities and how the UK’s attitude to disabled people has changed over the years.

In addition, William discusses how the charity and film have had an impact on many lives by speaking with a number of people who star in and helped produce the film.

William finds out more.

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