The Vote with Mark Walker – Robert Nemeth

Latest TV News Editor, Mark Walker chats to Conservative Councillor for the Wish Ward, Robert Nemeth. They discuss the ETS Committee’s recent meeting, including the Hove seafront cycle lane, cycle lane on Old Shoreham Road, bus gate fines, weeds in pavements, fees and charges and city in bloom.

In the second half, they look at issues with pavements around the city being overrun with weeds and problems with people having concreted front gardens that could be home to hundreds of plants and flowers. Next, Robert gives us an update from the Wish Ward, speaking about developments on the Kingsway to Sea project, lighting the Beacon for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee hopefully on the 2nd of June. Finally, they discuss lifting restrictions in councils across the country and Hove Town hall still being empty of many staff.

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