Savage Pencil

In the 1970s a comic creation was born of a young artist called Edwin Pouncey. Edwin, AKA Savage Pencil, was the genius behind the cult comic strip Rock’n’Roll Zoo in the music newspaper Sounds, lead singer in the punk band The Art Attacks and a post graduate student at the Royal College of Art. Since then Sav as he is often known, has focused his career on his artwork, undertaken many commissions as an illustrator and become well known for writing about music. He has now guest edited the 247th edition of the magazine Ambit, a role previously assumed by JG Ballard, Eduardo Paolozzi and William S Burroughs. Ambit Tour

This week Ambit takes to the road with a live tour and Sav will be at The Albert pub in Brighton’s Trafalgar Street on Thursday July 7th from 8pm. Sav will be joined by The Johnny Halifax Invocation and Vagrant Lovers amongst other guests.

Edwin Pouncey joined his old friend Latest’s Andrew Kay to talk about his career, art and Ambit magazine for Latest TV.

Find tickets for the event, here.

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