Yael Breuer’s Extraordinary People

Extraordinary – “going beyond what is usual, regular or customary”

Extraordinary People offers a new perspective into the lives of the people that go beyond the scope of what we class as ordinary.  Some are famous, some aren’t, but they’ve all done or been involved in some of the most extraordinary situations we’ve ever heard.

To start it off, Yael Breuer learns about one of the most fascinating and equally horrifying stories of the series. Meet Niklas Frank, son of Hans Frank, Hitler’s lawyer and appointed governor of Nazi occupied Poland. It is hard to imagine a more extraordinary and difficult circumstance to be born into and Niklas Frank, who visited us in Brighton, opened up about his undiminished hatred for his father and how he has lived and dealt with the awful legacy he was left with.

Other guests have included Comedian, poet, playwright, musician, actor, director and author John Dowie, who pioneered alternative stand up comedy in England in the late 60s/ early 70s. The ‘world’s number one Art Forger’ David Henty, now described as an ‘honest art forger’, talks about his 25 year forging career. Playwright John Agard discusses receiving the Queen’s Gold Medal for Poetry, and controversial journalist Julie Burchill talks about her exciting life and career. The UK’s oldest working GP, Dr Neville Davis in his late 90s, is still working as a forensic expert while the founders and directors of Stomp talk about the incredible journey that led them to run this global phenomenon.

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