A song that plays devil’s advocate – In conversation with Latest Bill

As Latest Bill noted when we sat down to record this episode of our mini podcast series, ‘usually songs about [adultery] are quite defensive’, saying the perpetrator ‘should burn in hell’ . In track number seven on his new album Colorado Crossroads, ‘Drunk Again’ playfully embodies the role of an infidelity apologist.

The song, however, doesn’t immediately portray itself as that. Bill opens the track by describing the grotty morning after a currently unknown drunken evening. Eventually delicately finger plucked guitar gives way to brash trumpet, and the speaker cries ‘some may call it squalid, some spit out adultery, but in this world there’s nothing like this – literally f*cking free’.

Bill says his goal for the song was to write something that’s different to the thousands of others on heart break, and that he certainly achieved.

Listen to the rest of our conversation here:

And listen to the track itself here:

Words by Kate Bowie

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