‘Helping other people is often really just helping yourself’– in conversation with Latest Bill

Someone is in need of shelter and, as the story goes, a kind Samaritan will help them. But isn’t it really the other way around? In this his new track ‘I’m Going Home’, Latest Bill tells the story of a realisation that help can go both ways.

As already discussed across our mini-podcast series, in which I talk to Bill about his new album, Colorado Crossroads, Bill has always been immersed in the world of folk lore. This morality tale is straight out of that world. Its speaker lets a stranger into their home and only later realises, as Bill says, that ‘the person that was brought into the house was actually doing them a great favour’.

Bill mentions that often people might assume that charity is about the worthiness of those giving their time and resources, but ‘often what you’re doing is something that helps you more’. Ultimately, the track re-frames charity as a mutually beneficial endeavour.

To hear the rest of our interview, check out the link below

Words by Kate Bowie

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