A love story at the Goldstone football grounds– In conversation with Latest Bill

To some, a football ground might not scream romance. In ‘I Remember a Wonderful Night’, the second to last track on Latest Bill’s new album Colorado Crossroads , Bill tells a story that might change your mind.

In this episode of our mini podcast series, Bill explains the love story he concocted in the song. It recounts ‘two people who meet on the very last day of the Brighton football club playing at the Goldstone grounds’ before the Hove grounds became a shopping centre. Bill used the twenty year gap that Brightonian football fanatics had to wait until the Amex stadium opened to craft a love story, in which the original characters ‘met again on the very first day of the Amex’.

With a local setting, an idealistic and romantic theme and a plot driven by ‘that Colorado feeling’, ‘I Remember a Wonderful Night’ is a quintessential Latest Bill track.

Words by Kate Bowie

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