‘Something cataclysmic’ – in conversation with Latest Bill

How do you end an album filled with songs that cover everything from true love to adultery, from small town to entire countries, from religious moments to animalistic ones? As we come to end of our mini podcast series, which discusses Latest Bill’s new album Colorado Crossroads, Bill gives us the answer: with ‘something cataclysmic’.

This, of course, comes in the form of the album’s final song, ‘Is This The Night?’. Used in his film about the royal couple ‘Harry and Meghan’, the song highlights that ‘it doesn’t matter if you black, white, green, old, young – you’ve always got that opportunity to fall in love, it can always be amazing’.

The exuberantly optimistic track comes after the ups and downs of a tumultuous album. ‘Whatever’s happened before’, as Bill puts it, ‘it’s never too late to live’.

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