Latest Bill’s manifesto: ‘no religion should be based on suffering’ – in conversation with Latest Bil

While much of Latest Bill’s new album Colorado Crossroads makes big statements about life, ‘Upon This Rock’ is the closest you will get to a requiem. Telling the commandments of ‘the church of the third testimony, where pain will have no sway’,  ‘Upon This Rock’, is a track of religious intensity, without the religion.

The song is based on the work of German poet and atheist Heinrich Heine, who had the same view on religion and pain as Bill. Bill himself, who grew up a choir boy, turned away from religion when he realised how much of it was entrenched in violence.

‘I woke up in my teenage years and early 20s. I remember one particular experience when I went into a church late at night I went in to play the piano. I noticed as I was playing all these people in agony on crosses and I thought this is not going to attract me to any religion.’

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